OWN Your Vacation Rental bookings

Using OwnerRez, I help you create the direct booking website and sales funnel that will draw in new renters and keep them coming back for more!  

Increase Bookings

STOP relying on OTA's

Make More Money!

You're leaving Money on the table

The OTA's are taking host fees from you and making ridiculous rules.  If they went away tomorrow, would you be able to generate bookings? Do you feel like there has to be a better way?  Time to say 'ENOUGH'!

A Direct Booking Website and Sales Funnel Will Escalate your business
(and leave those OTA's in the dust)

More Bookings

Think of your direct booking website as another channel except YOU make the rules!


Only charge the fees that you want.  You control everything. Your property - your rules!

An Automated Process

We will build an automated process so that you don't have to think about anything. 

We Know How Frustrating Running an STR Can Be.

I got into the STR game years ago, managing 4 properties across 3 different booking sites AND taking manual bookings from people who asked me offline.  IT. WAS. A. NIGHTMARE.  Enter OwnerRez and our own custom website and bookings were coming in left and right - AND it's all manageable and saving us money!

Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Pam

Have you spent too much time and money on PM software solutions that don't work?  Look no further than OwnerRez! Once I implemented this into my own business I saved so much time and stress it was unreal.  Managing properties is a breeze now and I won't go anywhere else.

Then I started working for them and learned even more.  

Then I added my Storybrand Marketing Certification knowledge on top of my STR business and now it all runs itself and makes us money 24-7!

Coaching programs

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Done For You Services

OwnerRez Marketing Map

Reveal your OwnerRez account and marketing opportunities to grow.
Get a plan to market your STR.

Done for you
direct booking website

OwnerRez Account Review
OwnerRez Marketing Pack
Direct Booking Website
Email Automation

OwnerRez & Marketing management

Is technology not your thing?  I can help manage the tech and market your property FOR you.  You take care of the property, I'll take care of getting people there.

Working with Pam was such a positive experience. I had issues with a previous web designer and Pam was amazing. She was quick to respond, knowledgeable and made me feel 100% confident that she would turn my problem website into a success. I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.

Jodie Willey  

/ Property Manager / 365bluevacations.com

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Start Your Journey Now!

The road to STR wealth can be difficult.  With the right tools in place, you'll save yourself a lot of time and stress AND be able to go after more bookings. 

You DESERVE to Own Every Aspect of the Property You Worked Hard For