Are You Ready to Turn Your Short Term Rental

Into A Money Making Machine?

The STR Marketing Cohort is a six month online group program for STR Owners to build out your marketing program and get more bookings on auto pilot. 

Next Cohort Starts:
July 15th

Most vacation rental Hosts are praying for more bookings

Are you praying for more bookings with no marketing strategy in place?

Our Cohort-based Coaching Sessions can help! Here are some common pain points that our target audience may experience:

Lack of Bookings

Are you not seeing the booking volume you were hoping for? Are the channels not putting you first on the list? We are going to build a sales funnel to drive more traffic to your personal booking website. 

Lack of Knowledge

Do you have no clue how to market your rental?  Most didn't go to school for marketing.  We'll teach you the foundation you need to get the word out about your rental the right way. 

Sick of Other Channels?

Are you sick and tired of having to conform to other people's rules? The messaging and sales funnel we create will give you more power to take your own bookings and leave the other channels behind. 

Limited Resources

Are you struggling with limited resources, such as time, money, or knowledge? Our Cohort-based Coaching Sessions provide access to a wealth of resources and expertise to help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

"Working with Pam as my coach has been a transformative experience. Her insights and guidance has helped me to gain clarity on my goals and to alleviate the anxiety and stress I had about learning technology. I can rest easy now knowing I have done everything in my power to get more bookings to my property. "

Lynn Sutton 

/ STR Owner - Flip Flop Holiday

Turn Your STR Into A Booking Engine

Program Details

  • Length: 6 Months
  • Next Cohort Starts: July 15th
  • Cost: $2199
  • BONUS: OwnerRez account review + support from Pam while the cohort lasts

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Apply

As soon as you apply we'll schedule a quick 15-minute call to make sure you're a great fit for the cohort.  Once finalized, we'll find a time to do your OwnerRez account overview, send you the cohort schedule and have you ready to go come May 1st!

2. get the schedule

We'll send you the details you need to block your schedule and sign up for your OR account review. 

3. get more bookings

Join us in the cohort and put the tools in place to get more bookings on auto pilot!

Join us today!

Here's What We'll Do

We will cover five main modules over a six month span.
We will meet twice a month.

STR Marketing 


by Pam Bogaczyk

Module 1: OwnerRez & Research

Welcome everyone to the cohort!  We'll begin by looking at the things in OwnerRez to get going first, to grab more dates booked and ask guests to come back for more!

Module 2: Branding and Messaging

Utilizing the StoryBrand Framework, we are going to work on your branding and messaging so that renters pay attention. 

Module 3: Website & Lead Generation

We will create a website wireframe (the words that should be on your website) that generates bookings and a lead generator that will attract potential renters.

Module 4: Sales Emails

Create a sales sequence for potential renters.

Module 5: Social Media and Beyond

Utilize social media to build your brand and discuss other marketing opportunities to drive traffic to your website. 

Your Takeaways

  • A fully optimized OwnerRez account
  • Branding for your business
  • A brandscript (words to market your biz) to always refer to
  • A website that will attract and draw in renters
  • Sales email sequence to keep contacting potential renters
  • A marketing plan to keep the clicks coming

Do I need a website first to join the cohort?

Nope!  If you do not have a website yet, no worries at all.  We are going to develop the messaging you'll use for your home page.  So, when you're ready to build your site - you'll have the messaging 'wireframe' ready to go!

If I already have a website, will this still be valuable?

Even if you already have a website and are taking direct bookings - the messaging exercises we go through will help amplify what you've already done!  And, you'll be a few steps ahead of those that do not have a site yet!

Are we building a website during this cohort?

Short answer is no.  We will discuss the different options and ways to build out a website, but this group is really to hone in your branding and messaging to apply to your website. We will additionally be creating the sales funnel to apply to the site, so that you can get your marketing flowing!

Who This is for

  • DIYers that know you're not using OwnerRez to its full extent
  • You want to manage your own website
  • You want to learn marketing tips so that you can use them all the time
  • You want to learn how to create and send mass emails
  • You want to learn from others about what successes they've had

Pam (from OwnerRez)

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to meet all of you in our next cohort!  I have been teaching marketing for many years and now coupled with my employment at OwnerRez - have developed a powerhouse of tools to help you get more bookings!  

We all know it's tough out there.  These tools will set you up to get more bookings on auto-pilot and stop stressing about how you are going to pay all the bills!

You can follow me on: 

Turn Your STR Into A Booking Engine

Program Details

  • Length: 6 Months
  • Program Dates: May 15th - November 15th
  • Cost: $2199
  • BONUS: OwnerRez account review + support from Pam while the cohort lasts

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.




If, for any reason, you don't feel like you got enough value from the group, we will refund you 100%. If you have any issues, just let Pam know and we'll make it right!  We are confident this group will give you the tools you need to create a very successful STR business!